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We are glad you found us. This is the English side of OlegLos.com. It is not a translation of the Russian side. Instead it is a site with information pertinent to the English speaking friends of Oleg and Anya.

Oleg Los is known for his music and his disabilities. It may be said that it is the combinations of these two things interwoven with his faith that give him his distinction.
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    Oleg on tour in America

    (March 25, 2009) Today, Oleg & friends boarded a plane for America. They plan to spend the next month or so in the Pennsylvania area. If you live in that area and would be interested in meeting up with them, write me an email and I will see what I can do. I do not know their schedule, but I might be able to find out.

    Several weeks before they were to leave Oleg caught a bad soar throat. We were concerned that he would not be able to go. However, after much prayer and ten days of silence he was able to get better. Praise the Lord! For Oleg, his voice is his most imporant instrument to praise the Lord and serve people. Pray for his voice as well as the physical and spiritual well being of the group. There awaits them a tight schedule.