Ministry of Oleg & Anya

Although Oleg's & Anya's disabilities are a hindrance to getting around, it hasn't prevented them from ministering to others. Some things they are able to do on their own and others they have the help of brothers & sisters in Christ. It is a good example of the body of Christ working in unison.

In the Local Church

Oleg & Anya's home church is "The Community of the Good Shepherd" in Rivne, Ukraine.
  • A primary ministry of Oleg is being the worship leader in his local church,
  • As worship leader he trains some of the young Christians in music and worship.
  • Anya is in charge of the church library.
  • Oleg also leads a church home group.
  • Traveling

    As opportunities arise and time and strength permit, Oleg & Anya participate in Church services, Camps and Conferences.
  • Churches
  • Camps
  • Conferences
  • Music

  • CDs-Oleg's music is very encouraging and upbeat, touching a nerve in the human soul. It appeals to a broad spectrum of people and opens thoughts about God.
  • Songs-His songs deal with the struggles and joys of life. They are simple enough for people to relate to and catchy enough to stay with people. Some of his songs have found a life of their own in Slavic churches.
  • Website

    This is a rather new phase of Oleg's ministry, allowing him to reach people around the world. When the Ukrainian winters keep Oleg at home it allows him to reach others around the world who are also homebound. As we continue to develop the site we believe that it will be an encouragement not only to those with disabilities, but also to those without any physical handicaps.

  • Friends of Oleg-Oleg has a lot of friends in the city with disabilities. We want them to participate, giving hope to those who need it.
  • Interaction-We hope to establish an internet community centered around the issues of disabilities, life, and faith, based on a blog format which allows for others to respond.
  • Podcast-The website includes a podcast that bring a voice to the issues. An informal discussion every other month among friends. It includes some discussion about Oleg's music, which will interest the listeners.