Oleg's Music

Below is Oleg's discography. Clicking on the titles will bring up a translations of each song. Some songs can be download in MP3. We will change them out from time to time.


Because You love me

This is Oleg's first album. ©2000, Oleg Los. Album-Let me not forget
  • God Sought Me
  • When I'm Sad
  • Iron Clouds of the Mind
  • Life
  • MP3 It's Only Rain
  • Autumn
  • Mama
  • I am not of this world
  • You Are My Holy God
  • You Know, Again I've Come to You
  • You'll Never Betray Me
  • MP3 Blue Heavens
  • You Have Chosen Me
  • Let Me Not Forget

    This is Oleg's second album. ©2006, Oleg Los. Album-Let me not forget
  • MP3 If Unexpected Trouble
  • O My General
  • Wrapped in the Quiet of Night
  • Repentance
  • I hung on the Cross
  • Don't Be Sad
  • Let Me Not Forget
  • You'll Never Betray Me
  • A Scent of Cold in the Soul
  • God Is Alive
  • MP3 God Sought Me
  • Falling Leaves
  • A Quiet Evening
  • My Father's Home
  • You Have Chosen Me
  • Third album...(In the works)

    Lord willing, sometime in 2010.